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Starfell Medical Spa - Hair Removal

Starfell Medical Spa - Hair Removal Services

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Hair Removal Services

Smooth skin is easily achieved with our expert hair removal methods including laser hair removal, waxing and electrolysis. We offer the highest quality professional services for men, women, and teens. Get rid of stray hairs, or even a thick patch of hair, to have the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the leading method used to permanently remove unwanted hair. During the procedure, the laser pulses for a fraction of a second, long enough to heat up the hair and disrupt the hair follicle, which impedes the follicle’s ability to re-grow. This process treats all areas of the body both quickly and effectively. Every laser hair removal treatment is performed by one of our licensed certified laser specialists.

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Electrolysis is a safe and permanent hair removal option for un-pigmented or light hair. The process involves inserting a small probe into the hair follicle that delivers an electric current to destroy the follicle. Once the hair follicle is destroyed, the hair cannot grow back.


Waxing is ideal for individuals who want an immediate, smooth appearance. The results of waxing can last anywhere from three to six weeks. Our hair removal professionals can remove hair from both male and female clients on nearly any part of the body.